Saturday, June 18, 2011


In addition to his famous quote about fame, Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone will make porn and their neighbors will watch it. And true to form, he was right. We're all devouring more and more amateur porn on sites like X Tube, PornoTube, Dudesnude and the like. And hell, one could even count the excessive amounts of kitty porn on YouTube.

Young artist Stuart Sandford from the UK is becoming widely known for his photographic,and video installation art and addresses this digitally communal approach to accessing and sharing porn by us and for us with his many video and photo projects, my favorite of which is suggestive of one of Warhol's original films, "Blowjob."

Sanford provides us (well, me specifically) with a reminder that we'd all like to see one person or another in a state of sexual bliss, with an unseen action possibly happening to the actor. And he digitally alters one of my favorite "fuck me" looks from Zack-attack himself from Saved By the Bell (my adolescent dreams come true) to make it look like Zack is getting a mind-blowing hummer. HOT!

Sanford also has a great series of photos called Cumface that do nothing but make you want more from the subject studs. Clearly he's fucking with us and reminding us that a significant amount of the amateur porn we consume is usually, despite being from another person as opposed to a porn company, is still anonymous and obscured. We usually see cocks and asses and sometimes torsos, but rarely faces as we're all to nervous of Wiener-like retribution. But how much hotter is the face at the point of climax? Who is that? Does he live in my city? Could I make it happen again? The images are awesomely suggestive. Enjoy and check out more from Sandford.

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