Monday, June 27, 2011


In 30 years of life (11 of those spent sexually active) its easy enough to develop the occasional stereotype.  Some stereotypes surprise, even though they probably shouldn't.  Bottoms, for instance, LOVE their wine.  Why?  I'm not altogether sure.  I'm more of a scotch and whiskey drinker myself (the versatile preferred spirit?), beer if I need to slow things down.  If you like to fuck ass, but get dissuaded by 2nd date "buy me dinner first" boys, its handy to keep your wine cellar stocked.  You'll thank me. 

For other obvious, though seemingly contradictory reasons, bottoms also tend to avoid high calorie meals that require stuffing large sloppy phallic objects in their mouths.  Perhaps in an effort to rectify this conundrum, and make burritos more palatable for bottoms, the good people at the Huffington Post have decided to pair the menu of Colby's favorite restaurant Chipotle, with an affordable wine list.  Next time that prudish fisting bottom wants dinner first, you'll know where to take him. 

2009 Alamos Torrontes, $10: An unoaked, bright white wine.

2010 Kenwood Chardonnay, $10: A modestly oaked Chardonnay.

2010 Cupcake Riesling, $10: A gentle, sweet white wine.

2010 Pianissimo Rosé of Malbec, $12: A fuller style of rose.

2009 Kris Pinot Noir, $13: A light style Pinot Noir.

2008 Valley of the Moon Zinfandel, $13: A full-bodied red.

2010 Jam Jar Shiraz, $10: A sweet red wine.


  1. I love it when I lern something new, tanks!!


  3. I love wine but prefer hard liquor or beer. I don't really see the relationship but I'll take the top and run with it.