Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 We all know that chomping on a stick of celery burns more calories than you get from consuming it.  According to the authors of the new book "Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to the Ultimate Health" the cytoplasm in celery also contains androstenone, the male sex pheromone found in sweat.  Eating just a few stalks should almost instantaneously make you more appealing.  Celery doesn't stop there.  It can also boost sex drive and increase the size of your ejaculation. . . all of which make celery Colby's favorite snack.  These pictures clearly demonstrate celery's sex appeal at work.  

Incidentally, androstenone is also found in Boar saliva.  While some remain skeptical of the compounds efficacy in affecting human sexuality, it remains the active ingredient in Boarmate, a product used to help make sows more receptive to artificial insemination.  A quick sniff and a sow in heat will instantly assume the mating position.


  1. Ever since I heard my grandmother say she can't eat celery because it "repeats" on her, it lost all erotic appeal.

    That second picture is hilarious by the way.

  2. Celery is also one of the foods with the highest pesticide residue, so you should always buy organic.

  3. You are too cute =]

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