Sunday, June 26, 2011


Not only do I look just like Holly (pictured above) we share almost identical bios: " I just can't get enough of you.  Whoever you are I already like you.  I'm such a people person.  I love to play and joke around.  Don't worry I'm gentle with kids and other dogs.  If you have any I'd love to meet them.  We can all go for a walk together." 

According to Doggelganger, a New Zealand based animal adoption service, we are a 60% match.  All I need now is a couple grand for a plane ticket and a enough money to buy the parking lot next to my apartment and replace it with grass.  Kiwi or not, log on to find your own canine clone.  

Thanks to BSD reader Lance for passing this along.  Now, more pictures of ME!  Yay.  


  1. They do know how to pick just the shot to make a person fall totally in love with the little doggie. So cute!