Saturday, June 18, 2011


Burdock leaf rain hat 

Accompanied by perennial BSD guest of honor Kenny, I fought off my natural inclination for sloth last Saturday, woke up extra eaaaarly, laced up my mud boots and hit the door for Baltimore's Druid Hill Park to attend a foraging workshop with Brooklyn-based botanist (and former professional ballet dancer) Leda Meredith

Its amazing how much food you can find in a city park (besides the occasional half empty 40): mug-wort, burdock, pokeweed, milkweed, may apples, wineberries and more. . .

Observant BSD readers may recognize this hand. . . here gently cupping wild black raspberries.  

After narrowly surviving a sudden downpour, Kenny suffered humiliation at the proboscis of one hungry mosquito.  You can see the bump on his forehead in the picture below.  Thanks to the natural numbing power of common plantain (an invasive species unrelated to bananas, also know as "white man's footstep" for its associated encroachment accompaniment: paleface), Kenny's itch found quick relief.

Kenny savaging lamb's quarters.


  1. An invasive species called, "White Man's Footstep", now that's pretty damn funny.

  2. Princess Beatrice is DYING for that leaf hat. I let an audible "Whoa!" when I saw Kenny's huge mosquito bite bump. Huge!