Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 If you're a painfully shy gay boy like me verging on Aspergers, then the WorldWideWeb has probably been your only source for sex.  Who knows how I would have gotten ass before the internet? . . . One of the many profound reasons Al Gore is an American treasure.  Provided we do hit peak oil, the global temperature inches a couple more degrees up the thermometer and we still haven't figured out how to turn photons into fuel presents a video game, à la Super Mario Brothers, to help teach the socially awkward horndog in you how to cruise the old fashion way: in public parks!  Collect condoms, suck dick and fuck your way to Kingdom Cum.  You might even trigger a brief but poetic moment of post-trick ennui (above).  Don't linger on the freeze frames though; there is a universe of C&A to tap.  PLAY HERE


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