Friday, July 15, 2011


Anyone who knows me, knows I have trouble eating only one thing: horseradish.  Peppers are no problem.  I LOVE heat, but horseradish (including wasabi sadly) makes me gag.  After my recent stay at Ray Dragon's new upstate estate, I can safely add something new to my very meager "do not eat" list: German hand cheese.  A spongey, pale yellow, "handkäse" has an aroma redolent of dirty bandages.  The taste is even stronger.  Imagine a ball of rubber cement soaked in iodine then cured in your dad's sock drawer and you might come close to capturing the culinary magic of this sour milk cheese.  Ray, a bit of foodie himself, purchased the cheese after I discovered it at a local grocery store.  Perhaps not so surprisingly, Arpad loved it!  None of us could stomach a second bite.  Arpad gladly squirreled away what was left in his duffle bag to take back to the city.  Makes sense after-all: cheese comes with the territory (he is uncut).  A similar sour milk cheese (with an even more pronounced taste according to Arpad) claims special privilege as a Hungarian delicacy.

In case that story left you a little queasy, here are some pictures I captured on my cell phone of the beautiful waterfall which sits on Ray's incredible wooded lot in upstate New York:


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