Sunday, July 3, 2011


If you missed NYC Pride last weekend (like I did), frequent BSD correspondent Victor Jeffreys II was on hand to capture the magic.  In case you need to brush up on your LGBTIQQ history, each color of the original rainbow flag corresponds to a different symbolic quantity.  While I do appreciate sunlight (what man in a speedo doesn't), its worth pointing out that two of the most important hues (especially for an pornstar/artist like me) got axed a year after the flags inception in 1979: sexuality and magic/art.  I guess we should probably consider replacing them with white for marriage and camo for military?  Taupe = ennui?


  1. Awesome photos! That VJ has a great eye. I actually never knew that about the 2 colors & their corresponding meaning being axed from the flag. And of course they're the most important attributes if you ask me.... Yay, conformity!

  2. Terrific photos! I love the costumes. The dapper dandy in the top hat, thong and sock braces is, I think, boylesque performer Tigger.
    If you've never seen him should. He's amazing:

    Happy Pride, Colby!
    And Happy 4th of July!