Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If you haven't already guessed it, I'm a big fan of photographer Laurent Champoussin, and not just because he takes the time to make incredible art all about me orgasming, or because of the beautiful and generous gift he recently gave me, a print from his Lovestoned series (pictured above), but because his work is poetic, quiet and sensual-- all of the things I like best about myself.

If that sounds a little narcissistic, well, sorry.  In an effort to prepare myself for the soul-crushing prospect of future job interviews I've been experimenting with perfecting techniques of self-promotion.  Even as a joke, its difficult for me to do.  I'd rather promote the people who deserve it, like Laurent.  Take for example, "What Difference Does it Make?" a series of photographs from his recent trip to Yorkshire:

To experience some of Laurent's best travel photography, I'd highly recommend taking a few minutes to scroll through "Everything's Going to be Alright!".  A small sample below:

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