Friday, August 12, 2011


Do you like big beefy naked men?  How about big beefy angry naked men?  How about big beefy angry naked men who make art?

After the alienating tentacles of the "free" market economy finally tunnel their way under every last inch of my delicate porcelain skin forcing me to lose all subjective reasoning, and I snap, I may wind up something like Charles Bronson, Britain's "most violent prisoner".  No single man may perfect the potent performance art of political violence better than Bronson . . . or at least that's the conclusion I'd like to draw after watching "Bronson", a 2008 feature film loosely based on Bronson's life.

If proto-fascist temper-tantrums aren't quite your thing, I highly recommend Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek's latest offering "Living in the End Times"-- my summer philosophy reading project-- which I finally concluded this afternoon.  As Žižek makes clear, communism, not capitalism, IS the problem.  And the only solution.

"Communism is today not the name of a solution but the name of a problem: the problem of the commons in all its dimensions-- the commons of nature as the substance of our life, the problem of our biogenetic commons, the problem of our cultural commons ("intellectual property"), and, last but not least, the problem of the commons as that universal space of humanity from which no one should be excluded.  Whatever the solution might be, it will have to solve this problem.

Will the real Charles Bronson please stand up?

Cause I know all y'all lazy bitches won't see the whole movie (despite much full-frontal nudity), here is a clip from the best scene, cut short on Youtube due to the impending presence of penis: 

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  1. Tom Hardy is amazing in this movie. I had the pleasure of being an extra in one of his films last week and got to see him work.

    He's a beast, although he looks better when he's not all beefed up.