Thursday, August 18, 2011


As some of the readers, may recall, BSD's own Karl Marxxx presented some pitches to PlayGirl Magazine in a live idea-pitch event in NYC called (duh) Pitch! Here is a recap of the night from the event's blog. Many thanks to Greg Walloch for including BSD in the event!

"Our esteemed editor/host of the night was NYC man-about-town and Playgirl head honcho Daniel Nardicio. Hosts Greg Walloch and Mark Allen knew that Daniel could very well steal the show, as he’s a man of many talents. But he floored the audience with stories about Playgirl‘s history, landing Levi Johnston in the mag (and some other political and non-political celebs he said no to…we won’t name names), his recent turn on the wacky Bravo reality show The A-List, his Fire Island Share For Wayward Boys community outreach program, his notorious Sh*t Show, and other quick witticisms and wacky asides. We know you organize parties and look at audition photos of naked guys all day long Daniel… but you belong on the mic!

Performance artist Karl Marxxx was up next. Never one to go halfway in his conceptual art…well, you be the judge: Karl first impressed Daniel Nardicio with a numbered list of seven straight-up pitches for the pages of Playgirl. There were some great ideas for photo spreads, columns and conceptual stunts for the magazine (we won’t give them away…but we will say Daniel was impressed). The last idea of Karl’s involved a hairy/non-hairy male compare and contrast spread, which Karl said he’d be happy to model (he does have a rockin’ bod) as he’d showed up for the show with exactly half of his body shaved…right down the line! Everybody gasped as he disrobed. Later, after the show at a local San Loco, Karl showed some of us that had gathered that he indeed did shave all of his body halfway (the Lower East Side: where you can get cheap Mexican food at 1AM, and see a guy showing his half-shaved penis to everyone, and no one bats an eye…we love NYC!) Thanks for bringing it Karl! Dazzling!"

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