Wednesday, August 31, 2011


BSD trivia question of the week: What is the large green object above?

Hint: If you said its my great grandma Caydie Keller's favorite glass dildo (an early Mormon polygamist Caydie gave birth to 9 children before croaking at 40) you'd be wrong.  I keep that family heirloom in a very special place. 

If you guessed telephone insulator . . . you're correct!  These peculiar glass cones, common in antique stores across the United States, were originally used to protect and insulate early telegraph and telephone wires from wooden poles-- an especially handy attribute in rainstorms. 

Thanks to reader Rob for snapping this pic and sending it to Big Shoe Diaries.  If you have a phallic family heirloom you'd like to share with readers, feel free to email your submission to Colby at

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