Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Everyone knows how much I enjoy hunting dick.  Who could blame my doppelganger Charlie Cox for doing the same (AKA "Ishmael" in the Encore TV series "Moby Dick").  I don't have cable for the same reason I nearly don't have internet (and will likely not have an apartment in the coming months. . . )  If you're lucky enough to get Encore, check out Cox as he hunts for Dick and think of Colby.

A special thanks to Professor Bernard Welt for having the good sense to own cable and think of me at the same time. 


  1. Charlie cox
    one sexy guy!
    nice hairy chest too

  2. I'm always shocked that somebody could read that book and see it as an action movie about killing a whale. It's one of the oddest things you'll ever read and just a small part concerns the whale hunting thing. I'd alway heard that it had homoerotic undertones but come on. It's just super gay. Ishmael and Queequaig sleep together holding each other and pledge eternal love and that's just a bit of it. I really think it should be done as some crazy ballet or something. I worked a bit on Laurie Anderson's opera version and I think she was on the right track.

    A couple of years ago I started a game with friends to re-write the book's opening paragraph in any way you want and see what the different results were. I was rather proud of my version.