Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Nothing says "good morning Tennessee" like a heaping, steaming canister of bull semen.  The canisters above fell off a Greyhound bus Tuesday morning as it attempted to make a sharp turn entering the on-ramp of Interstate 65 in Nashville.  According to WKRN News, "the load originated in Columbus, Ohio, and was en route for a breeding facility in Laredo, Texas".  A single canister typically carries 300-400 "straws" of sperm, each containing one milliliter of liquid.  According to a Greyhound spokesman, it's not uncommon for the bus to carry bull semen.  Each straw ranges from $18-$50 in price, with an estimated total value of $80,000 for the entire roadside cum-dump, more than the lifetime value of my entire porn career.

In a related story, a Springfield woman was recently charged with stealing $100,000 dollars worth of burger baby sauce from her former employer, an agro-business genetics facility.  I've seen some pretty cum-hungry hos in my day, but this woman takes the cake (or cock I should say).  Watch the nervous nelly newscaster twirl his jizz-filled swizzle stick in horror:

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  1. I love that the Detective's name is Hollopeter. You can't write that kinda stuff.