Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"Lesbian German Artist" Stefanie Gutheil 

With over 300 art galleries in Chelsea, more than any other place on earth, it helps to have someone do the hard work of choosing what to see and what to avoid.  When I recently came across a listing for a "gay" gallery tour (promising erotic offerings), my curiosity (and laziness) took the better of me.  If you don't know much about contemporary art (like much of Chelsea's native population one would assume), the tour is a great introduction.  Surprisingly enough, several Blog readers decided to join me on the tour.  Their accompaniment (to the very end each and every one!) was greatly appreciated.   

Unfortunately, I found much of the tour a tad too pedantic for my taste, but then again a "gay" gallery tour isn't really designed to accommodate a handful of MFA grads.  Like any good former anthropology student, I took the opportunity to study what exactly a "gay" understanding of contemporary art might entail.  Much of the discussion on the tour was designed to peak our inner gay status-ometers (how much each particular object priced out, which galleries were the most renown internationally, which artists were the most "famous", etc, etc), but hey, every queen needs a crown right?  

Below are a few highlights from the tour, courtesy of "Friend of Colby" and fellow blogger Penis Ennui, who thought well-enough ahead to bring his camera.  

 South Korean artist Do Ho Suh, by far the best on the tour

More from Do Ho Suh

Nick Cave, another Colby favorite

More Nick Cave

Part of a larger installation by artist Robert Melee

More from artist Robert Melee

Marble stairs by Robert Melee


  1. sigh, that do ho suh dollhouse stuff is AMAZING. i think dollhouses are super out there in the meme-o-sphere right now and i am mostly very okay with it!

  2. I love Do Ho Suh. The Seattle Art Museum put on a retrospective of his work a number of years ago and bought a piece for their permanent collection It is a giant suit of armor made from dog tags. If you are ever in Seattle you should make a point of seeing it. I haven't seen his dollhouse work before, good stuff.

  3. Love the crazy Nick Cave stuff! Those feet are awesome!

  4. love the pic of u just sitting. you're so cute. one of my favorite hcb's.