Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As many of you know, I like putting things in my mouth, particularly things I've never put in my mouth before.  Today I came across "groundcherries".  Also known as "husk tomatoes" or "cape gooseberries", this small edible fruit can be consumed raw.  If you marry a pineapple with a tomato, you'd come close to the sweet, earthy flavor of Physalis peruviana.  Plus, you literally get to "pop" the cherry out of its papery husk before eating it.  What's more to like than that?

A different kind of "strange fruit", also native to the Americas:


  1. I found some of these at a farmer's market in Pittsburgh this weekend. Delicious and fun to eat. My partner was skeptical, but I told him they were like tiny, sweet tomatillos.
    The girl at the market said her grandmother would make pies out of them. Can you imagine the effort? I wish I knew this pie making grandma.

  2. I love me some Lady Day! There really aren't enough references to her floating around the interwebs.

  3. I love cape gooseberries. Strange Fruit was written about lynched black people, I was banned from playing this at school assembly on the piano. Kia ora kare from New Zealand.