Thursday, September 15, 2011


I finally had an opportunity to complete both the final fifth season of Big Love and seasons one and two of TLC's Sister Wives.  Naturally, Curious Colby got to typing and discovered some interesting facts about Mormonism that might surprise you.  Despite its claims to two Republican Party frontrunners for president, Mormonism is not quite as oppressive as we all might think. . .

Leave it to the power of prophecy to open up one of America's most conservative corporate religious bodies to radical queer theory and communist activism.  Some of Mormonism's most radical ideas in fact, like the principle of plural marriage (polygamy) and United Order (a type of primitive communism) were endorsed by founder Joseph Smith Jr.  The early Mormon Church also practiced same-sex temple sealings, though many debate the sexual nature of these unions.  Interestingly enough, Mormons, under the leadership of Joseph Smith's lieutenant Brigham Young, also started one of the nation's earliest co-ops, Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution.

United Order Family of Christ, broke away from the modern Latter Day Saints in 1969 and practiced a unique form of Mormon communalism called United Order, a practice endorsed by LDS founder Joseph Smith Jr.  Organized like an idealistic sex party (the movement was founded specifically to accommodate gay men aged 20-30), United Order Family of Christ held property in common and embraced voluntary communal living.  Short lived, it ceased operations in 1974. 

A more contemporary group, the Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, encourages the consecration of female priests and endorses same sex celestial marriage and same-sex polygamy.  The RCJC maintains its own unique authoritative scripture based on the revelations of founder and First President Antonio Feliz and other prominent leaders of the RCJC.  Yes, thats right, a gay Mormon Bible.  Click on the hyperlink to read more from "Hidden Treasures and Promises". 

Fucking angels courtesy of artist Marc Debauch.  

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