Thursday, September 8, 2011


Despite my average-joe, boy next door appearance (or the porn equivalent thereof), I actually spend much more time at the gym than you might think (and I might like).  Unfortunately, I've been stranded on a plateau for months I can't seem to escape.  My recent adventure in Los Angeles (the body obsessed capital of the world if there ever was one) has inspired me to renounce my Baltimore bench press routine and try something new.

An all natural competitive physique bodybuilder "Friend of Colby" who recently moved to LA from New York recommends I try German Volume Training, the hardest workout with the best and quickest results.  Given his physique, I'm willing to make the gamble (and endure the necessary pain).  If you'd like to join me and chart your own progress, check out a synopsis of the routine HERE.  Below is a video demonstrating the GVT back/chest superset.  I won't even begin to describe his punishing water/carb wasting diet (it forces your body into ketosis, then hypoglycemia).  I don't plan on giving up my Chipotle (or hitting the Emergency Room) any time soon.  If you'd like to join Colby and give German Volume Training a trial run, please feel free to send me pics of your results:


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