Thursday, September 22, 2011


Everyone knows I love looking at art.  And I love looking at Kim Jong Il looking at things.  So, Kim Jong Il looking at art is enough to inspire me to get out of the studio and look at some art myself, this time in NYC.  And the best part, you can join me.  Dr. Rafael (appropriate name) Risemberg begins another season of Gay and Lesbian Art Gallery tours in NYC this weekend and I'm going to be there.  Tickets are still available if anyone wants to join me on the tour in Chelsea this Saturday 9/24 at 1pm.  It's only $20 and I hear Dr. Risemberg knows his stuff.  Be sure to buy tickets online beforehand and tell Rafael that Colby sent you.

Here are some highlights of what we'll see Saturday:
"Highlights of our LGBT gallery tour on Sat. Sept. 24 at 1:00 PM will include: (1) a gay African-American artist who creates wildly colorful and outrageous sculptural assemblages, (2) a lesbian German artist who comments on queer culture with paintings of lovable misfits, and (3) a gay male artist who transforms furniture from his suburban childhood into homoerotic fantasies (with male nude photos & videos).  These are 3 of 7 exhibits we’ll visit.  Also, meet gay men & lesbians who share your interest in art!"

...not to mention meeting Socialist porn stars interested in art!  Hope to see you Saturday!!!

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  1. If the sight of Kim Jong Il looking at a painting of My Pretty Ponies isn't enough to start my weekend off right, I don't know what is. Man, if I could only hear his thoughts at that moment...