Monday, October 31, 2011


I knew there had to be a good reason my favorite dessert was pumpkin pie as a kid. 


Classic B horror movie, a song by the Ramones, and an underwater cenote in Mexico you can tour, It also makes the perfect Halloween stop-over for a mid-afternoon shag.  Um.  Shaggy dog that is.  Don't worry, I didn't desecrate any graves or resurrect any kitties. . . Or did I?

Sunday, October 30, 2011


One Halloween costume I hadn't thought of.  


Ring my beeeeeeeeeell. . . ring my bell.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011


In addition to his generous birthday gift (two Murakami novels, an autographed copy of the first Kevin Keller gay Archie comic, and a portrait of me bare-ass naked holding a balloon), perennial BSD favorite Jef from Philly also made this video.  It's an art project of sorts.  Jef set aside a month of his personal alone time and devoted it strictly to me, documenting every cumshot he could muster from any available Colby Keller video he could find.  There are 25 in total, from the following videos: Hookups, Ex Military, Fuck Your Friends 1&2, In the Basement, Night Before the Wedding, Tales from Last Summer and Late Night Hit.  According to Jef, Ex Military and Tales from Last Summer topped his favorites list.  Pulp's "This is Hardcore" provides the soundtrack.  Maybe you can donate your own cumshot to Jef's project?



If this is what repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" gets us, I'm all for it.  It's time we invade another country to keep these boys employed!

Courtesy of my favorite Tumblr, "ALRIGHT DARLING?"

Friday, October 28, 2011


Those of you like Colby with an oral fixation who appreciate kissing, should like this one.  

"Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce.  Courtesy of "Alright Darling?"


Can you guess which Norse god Colby most resembles in the drawing above?

No, not Baldr, god of the summer sun, beauty and peace.  Not Freyr, the god of fertility and the patron god of Sweden.  Not even Hœner, the silent god (with Odin and Loder, part of the Norse creation myth trinity).  If you guessed Thor, God of lightening and warfare and star of his own comic book series and Hollywood epic, you are correct!

Ryan Martinez is a huge fan of Aryan gods wielding big hammers (and a fan of me, Colby Keller).  He recently asked his buddy John to draw me as Thor.  Pretty great John, but how about Colby as Hœner?  Or Freyr?   

Thursday, October 27, 2011


BSD correspondent Karl Marxxx surveying the art.

In addition to a great play this past weekend in NYC, "The Atmosphere of Memory" at the LAByrinth theatre, I also had an opportunity to catch some art in Chelsea before the Fall shows come to a close.  I missed Matthew Barney when I visited the city last month.  His sculpture "Djed" was on display at the Gladstone Gallery until October 22.  "Djed" (An Egyptian pillar symbolizing stability) comprises several individual sculptures, each a physical remnant of his opera "Khu" filmed in Detroit for a limited audience of 200 last year.  Barney based both "Khu" and "Djed" (Khu: the immortal part of the soul) on the "nearly unreadable and sometimes obscene" novel "Ancient Evenings" by Norman Mailer.  

Heady stuff.  Much to my enthusiasm, there were complimentary refreshments.  At Zach Feuer, artist Alistair Frost had the generous foresight to provide water coolers filled with liquids of various color and alcohol content ("Alistair Frost: Airplane Mode" at Zach Feuer, Nov 26).  Who cares if it had been sitting out for a month?  Booze doesn't go bad right?  My favorite though, had to be German sculptor and musician Carsten Nicolai's parachute piece "Pionier" at Pace (Oct 22).  Scroll down to watch a video of the sculpture in action.  

Matthew Barney's "Djed".

"I SEE PENIS", Matthew Barney's "Djed" at Gladstone (Oct 22).  

 Roy Lichtenstein's "Entablatures" at Paula Cooper (Til Nov 12th)  

Alistair Frost at Zach Feuer (Nov 26).  

No more pizza.  :-(  But plenty of booze. . . 

Some water coolers are off limits.  This one included fish (one still living, one dead).  

I see Boobies.  

For Jonathan in Pittsburgh.  :-)

One of my favorite pieces, Carsten Nicolai's "Pionier" at Pace (Oct 22)

Video of Carsten Nicolai's "Pionier" (the action starts around the one minute mark):


Apparently there's something more shameful than the excessive salaries made by professional athletes these days. It's befriending porn stars that is truly shameful. The New England Patriots' Tight End (yes, giggle appropriately), Rob Gronkowski has been publicly shamed for photos surfacing of him and the pornstar and well-known professional athlete/fan/fuckbuddy, Bibi Jones. The shaming is messed up. Athletes are porn stars, metaphorically speaking. Society uses them entirely for their bodily performance. Professional athletes and porn stars probably have more in common professionally than any other job out there. What's truly shameful is that porn star name. Bibi? Really?

On another note entirely, Gronkowski is big, beefy and hot, and someone else is in the room taking that photo. Is anybody else imagining the three way that followed?


 "Green Leaf Penis" 

If there has ever been a single post that has the potential to stitch together all the various BigShoe memes presented on this blog, this may be it: an orgy of Colby-kokigami doppleganger clones mounting a giant pink doily dick.  Forget the Bel Ami twins.  Scroll down and you will discover hardcore Colby on Colby action.  Narcincest?

Penis cozies and colorful titles courtesy of the artist, Jack Davis, whose collection of penile soft sculpture recently went on display at Good Vibrations in San Francisco.  My favorite title: "Colby can fuck himself on the doily penis".  Pure poetry.  It's almost haiku.  

 "Colby goes green"

 "Catholic Medal Penis" 

"Colby prays for us"

"Colby can't reach around the Milagro Penis so he sits on it" 

"Colby found a penis he could ride" 

"Several Colbys assault the Doily Penis" 

"Colby can fuck himself on the Doily Penis" 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A HUGE post birthday bear-hug to Jef, perhaps my biggest fan ever.  Jef sent me a fantastic birthday present last week.  He even timed the package to arrive exactly on my birthday.  Included were two books by Haruki Murakami, "Kafka on the Shore" and "After Dark", a signed copy of "Keller" the first openly gay Archie comic book character (sadly soon to be discontinued I hear), and a beautiful drawing of Colby in nothing but my birthday suit.

Jef also made a video documenting a month's worth of orgasms, 25 in all (each inspired by a different video in the Keller catalog).  A bit like an erotic music video, Jef's home cum-shot compilation is set to Pulp's "This is Hardcore".  Jef gave me permission to post the video but unfortunately, it's a little too big to upload directly to Blogger (and Youtube is a definite no-go).  Maybe X-tube?  I'll keep you posted. . .


From the World of Wonder, an ass that resembles a cock.  There may be no finer thing on God's gay earth.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


An impressive onslaught of balconies in the courtyard of the LAByrinth Theatre (and adjacent Westbeth artist community) in NYC.  A little birdie tells me a famous architect named 'Meier' designed them.  Richard Meier maybe?


Thanks to a friend with an empty apartment (and dog in need of attention) I spent the last weekend in New York City.  Sunday, before I left to return home, I went to see a play.  I don't get to attend the theatre often.  As you might expect, the price is a tad too prohibitive for a minor porn performer like myself.  I tend to stick to movies.  The magic of Grindr didn't result in any hookups this go around but I did manage to score two free tickets to "The Atmosphere of Memory" at the Labyrinth Theatre in Greenwich Village.

The play starts off, appropriately enough, with a man confessing to his therapist.  He's been lying for months about his profession.  How exactly has he been able to survive the recession without a conventional job?  With a natural tendency toward the "profuse", he admits the embarrassing truth: he's been making money jizzing on things, most notably action figures.

Amusing enough, but not exactly the stuff of Shakespeare.  If the play stopped there, I might have been disappointed.  Cum jokes are a lot to process the first five minutes of a play (we usually wait at least 20 minutes in porn).  Thankfully, the scene abruptly stops.  The house lights come on, and a man, identical in height to the star, slightly younger but with similar features and a matching set of black eyeglasses hops on stage: a true doppelganger.  Turns out the play is actually a play inside a play, a story about a playwright writing the story of his own childhood.  To makes things even more complicated he casts his real mother in the starring role as his fictional mother and his girlfriend as his sister.   The story of both plays revolve around the main character's estrangement with his father and memories of past events that continue to keep them apart.  Don't worry, it sounds more complicated (and less funny and profound) than it actually is.

There are plenty of cock and incest jokes, a musical number about Nazis (and plenty of theatre references that might leave you blank like me), but trust, it's fucking GOOD.  And I don't say that only because my ticket was free.  If you have a chance to visit NYC before November 13th, I highly recommend it.

Plus, If you've ever visited the great state of Maryland, or know John Waters, you'll appreciate the father's perfect Balmer accent.

Written by David Bar Katz, starring Ellen Burstyn (Barb's mom on Big Love).  Pics of action figures courtesy of Dicks with Things.



I've been on a few mustache rides in my day, but nothing quite like this.  Courtesy of Public Assembly in Brooklyn.

Monday, October 24, 2011


BSD's Tripoli correspondent and Boy With Beard Hmadey, sends these celebratory pictures straight from the latest triumph of the Arab Spring, now the Arab Autumn.  Hmadey lives in Libya and regularly corresponds with me through another social networking site.  Hmadey gave his permission to post these pictures celebrating the capture and death of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Say what you will about the man's iron grasp of power (and gingerly-held grasp of reality), Gaddafi certainly had a closet (or two) of fun outfits.  Vanity Fair, Time and Humor Feast have compiled some of Muammar's greatest hits.  If anyone in Libya would like to raid the palace (wink wink Hmadey) and steal a few onyx "Africa" brooches and ship them my way I wouldn't exactly say no.  I'll even help with the shipping.

The last three pictures are of our brave correspondent himself, beard and banner at the ready.