Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A HUGE post birthday bear-hug to Jef, perhaps my biggest fan ever.  Jef sent me a fantastic birthday present last week.  He even timed the package to arrive exactly on my birthday.  Included were two books by Haruki Murakami, "Kafka on the Shore" and "After Dark", a signed copy of "Keller" the first openly gay Archie comic book character (sadly soon to be discontinued I hear), and a beautiful drawing of Colby in nothing but my birthday suit.

Jef also made a video documenting a month's worth of orgasms, 25 in all (each inspired by a different video in the Keller catalog).  A bit like an erotic music video, Jef's home cum-shot compilation is set to Pulp's "This is Hardcore".  Jef gave me permission to post the video but unfortunately, it's a little too big to upload directly to Blogger (and Youtube is a definite no-go).  Maybe X-tube?  I'll keep you posted. . .


  1. happy birthday cutie pie, glad you had a good one and keep us in the loop for the "cumpilation" vid!