Thursday, October 27, 2011


BSD correspondent Karl Marxxx surveying the art.

In addition to a great play this past weekend in NYC, "The Atmosphere of Memory" at the LAByrinth theatre, I also had an opportunity to catch some art in Chelsea before the Fall shows come to a close.  I missed Matthew Barney when I visited the city last month.  His sculpture "Djed" was on display at the Gladstone Gallery until October 22.  "Djed" (An Egyptian pillar symbolizing stability) comprises several individual sculptures, each a physical remnant of his opera "Khu" filmed in Detroit for a limited audience of 200 last year.  Barney based both "Khu" and "Djed" (Khu: the immortal part of the soul) on the "nearly unreadable and sometimes obscene" novel "Ancient Evenings" by Norman Mailer.  

Heady stuff.  Much to my enthusiasm, there were complimentary refreshments.  At Zach Feuer, artist Alistair Frost had the generous foresight to provide water coolers filled with liquids of various color and alcohol content ("Alistair Frost: Airplane Mode" at Zach Feuer, Nov 26).  Who cares if it had been sitting out for a month?  Booze doesn't go bad right?  My favorite though, had to be German sculptor and musician Carsten Nicolai's parachute piece "Pionier" at Pace (Oct 22).  Scroll down to watch a video of the sculpture in action.  

Matthew Barney's "Djed".

"I SEE PENIS", Matthew Barney's "Djed" at Gladstone (Oct 22).  

 Roy Lichtenstein's "Entablatures" at Paula Cooper (Til Nov 12th)  

Alistair Frost at Zach Feuer (Nov 26).  

No more pizza.  :-(  But plenty of booze. . . 

Some water coolers are off limits.  This one included fish (one still living, one dead).  

I see Boobies.  

For Jonathan in Pittsburgh.  :-)

One of my favorite pieces, Carsten Nicolai's "Pionier" at Pace (Oct 22)

Video of Carsten Nicolai's "Pionier" (the action starts around the one minute mark):

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