Thursday, October 27, 2011


 "Green Leaf Penis" 

If there has ever been a single post that has the potential to stitch together all the various BigShoe memes presented on this blog, this may be it: an orgy of Colby-kokigami doppleganger clones mounting a giant pink doily dick.  Forget the Bel Ami twins.  Scroll down and you will discover hardcore Colby on Colby action.  Narcincest?

Penis cozies and colorful titles courtesy of the artist, Jack Davis, whose collection of penile soft sculpture recently went on display at Good Vibrations in San Francisco.  My favorite title: "Colby can fuck himself on the doily penis".  Pure poetry.  It's almost haiku.  

 "Colby goes green"

 "Catholic Medal Penis" 

"Colby prays for us"

"Colby can't reach around the Milagro Penis so he sits on it" 

"Colby found a penis he could ride" 

"Several Colbys assault the Doily Penis" 

"Colby can fuck himself on the Doily Penis" 

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