Saturday, October 1, 2011


On my recent trip to NYC I made a trip downtown to see the new 9-11 Memorial.  Little did I know you have to reserve tickets months in advance!  I did get a chance to show my solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  In addition to dropping in on an amusing meeting of protesters busy at work drafting a resolution to meet with another steering committee to draft additional resolutions, I encountered a phallanx of New York City's finest, no doubt ready with the pepper spray to draft their own resolution. 


  1. 1. I'd love to see you in a cop porno.
    2. While I know the majority of cops are real cops, determined to protect the public (thank you, real cops!) I think these guys are being used as tools of money.

  2. @Anonoymous up there ^.... And I think you're just a tool.