Sunday, October 9, 2011


Writing your own blog comes with many perks, some of them less evident than others.  Grammar and spelying practice for one.  Rarely, a reader will shock my letter carrier by sending a generous gift in response to a post.  After recently profiling the 1981 classic "Taxi Zum Klo" (Taxi to the Toilet), I got a surprise email from Justin at Breaking Glass Pictures who offered to send me a remastered 30th anniversary edition to compliment my extensive DVD collection.  Who could resist such a generous offer?  Along with a beautiful website, Taxi Zum Klo has the best box cover (and title) of any film EVER.  Take a lesson from the Germans Hollywood. . . Graphic design matters.

I can't give everyone a free copy (or anyone for that matter), but if you'd like to watch the film for yourself (or other queer related titles) check out the Breaking Glass catalogue.

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  1. I saw "Taxi zum Klo" in the theater in Vienna, Austria when I lived there in 1992. Amazingly, given that the theater was in the heart of the historic city center, the glory hole picture was the poster that was up in the the cinema's window. Ah, Europe.