Saturday, October 29, 2011


In addition to his generous birthday gift (two Murakami novels, an autographed copy of the first Kevin Keller gay Archie comic, and a portrait of me bare-ass naked holding a balloon), perennial BSD favorite Jef from Philly also made this video.  It's an art project of sorts.  Jef set aside a month of his personal alone time and devoted it strictly to me, documenting every cumshot he could muster from any available Colby Keller video he could find.  There are 25 in total, from the following videos: Hookups, Ex Military, Fuck Your Friends 1&2, In the Basement, Night Before the Wedding, Tales from Last Summer and Late Night Hit.  According to Jef, Ex Military and Tales from Last Summer topped his favorites list.  Pulp's "This is Hardcore" provides the soundtrack.  Maybe you can donate your own cumshot to Jef's project?


  1. Cool!
    What a devotion! :-) Bravo!

  2. Does Jeff really want to share you with the rest of us? I think we're all very protective of our own personal relationships with you, Colby dearest.
    (On the technical side, who was doing the motion shots, and just how "Alone" was Jeff?)

  3. It's all done using imovie, which has tools to create motion shots. And was indeed shot completely alone ; )

  4. Video was hot but would've been much better with the original audio!