Saturday, November 5, 2011

anon pump dump. fuck. fill. BY PENN STATION. -34 (Chelsea)

cum fuck my hot hole.

i will buzz u in.
leave the door unlocked.
cum in.
there i will be.
ass in the air.
on all 4's
ready 2 be plowed and seeded.
need it bad.
i can suck ur cock and eat ur butt if u want.
or u can just slide ur dick right into my hole and start fucking me.
need ur seed.
fuck me as long and as hard as u want.
blow ur big load up my hole.
give me all of it.
then pull out.
and go.
or hang a second.
and do it all over again. 

Craigslist found poem, courtesy of BSD correspondent Karl Marxxx.


  1. Over the years I've gotten many offers like that from men on ManHunt and other sites. I respond that I charge $250.00 an hour for that. It hold zero appeal for me but the guys think they're doing me some big favor offering up their ass. Do any tops really take guys up on this?

  2. Ah to pretend it's the 70s all over again and anonymous sex is harmless.

  3. lolol ok i guess i'm the only pig left! i wouldn't actually do that (safe sex and all) but the sentiment/fantasy IS hot as hell!

  4. pic!!! :) hilarious.

  5. yeah for about the first two seconds it SEEMS hot but then....ick...