Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The folks at Fleshbot are always up to something new and fun when it comes to sex and technology. They recently hosted some folks from Big Shoe Diaries at their annual Flesbhot Awards at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. In attendance were sex (and sexy) luminaries like Alan Cumming, Murray Hill, Go-Go Harder, Mr. Pam, Rafael Alancar, Patricia Field, Matthew Lawrence (of Headmaster fame), Dan Savage (via video) and lots of beautiful women I'd never heard of before but were no doubt the top of the top in porn/burlesque talent for the straight industry. What a party!

Murray Hill and lady friends...

Fleshbot's love of all things Colby is quite apparent as they've asked him to guest blog on Gay Flesbhot all week and dubbed the event "Colby Keller Week." So if you can't get enough Colby here at Big Shoe Diaries, go check out his posts (one per day posting at 2:30 pm) this week on fleshy robots!

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  1. Last photo, person in white with red and black hair is Jiz Lee! Ze is a very popular queer pornstar - ala 'The Crashpad Series' & NoFauxxx. <3