Sunday, November 13, 2011


Along with hairspray, tupperware, and cat litter, the United States gave birth to the skyscraper.  It's the one architectural idiom we've managed to spread the world 'round, to the acclaim of some and dismay of others.  Frank Lloyd Wright, perhaps America's most well-know architect, built just one.  Oddly enough, the only Frank Lloyd Wright skyscraper in the world is in the small town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  Price Tower now houses a local community art center, a museum, and a small inn.  According to the Price Tower website, "Wright took his inspiration for the cantilevered design from a tree"-- no wonder the upper level balcony also claims host to a massive swam of wasps.  Thankfully I survived without a sting, but I did manage to play with some Lincoln Logs on my way out.  Frank's son, Jon L. Wright, invented the favored children's toy in 1916.  Another highlight: the building also contains three specially designed octagonal elevators.

Frank Lloyd Wright's son Jon L. Wright invented Lincoln logs in 1916.  

Triangles have three sides and three angles.  :-)

The building's unique octagonal elevator, one of three.  

A "copyrighted" Frank Lloyd Wright mural.  I was chastised by the guard for taking this pic.  

Frank Lloyd Wright custom designed angular office furniture


  1. I love your photo posts of your travels, Colby. It takes me out of my computer chair and into a world I may never get a chance to visit. Thanks!

  2. He actually designed two towers. The other is Johnson Wax Research Tower:

  3. Actually, neither of them is a skyscraper really, 10 stories being the minimum height applied to the term when it was coined in the late 19th century.

    (Look at the lively intellectual debate you have spawned, Colby!)

  4. I'm not very concerned about the skyscraper debate, but I do want to hear more about Colby being chastised by the security guard. That could be a hot scene in your next movie!

  5. In his own way, Colby is his own skyscraper, reaching towards the heavens with his towering sexual prow (ess), not to mention his smoldering intellect.

    Those things make him highly suspicious to security guards everywhere.

  6. Everything down to the wasps pand location proves Wright was a troll. Ahead of his time (and possibly off his rocker), he was....

    Btw, I heard once that originally Lincoln Logs came with instructions on how to build Uncle Tom Cabin. The more you know.