Thursday, November 10, 2011


Every man knows the fruit of his loins is love and joy.  Who knew about the spirit?  According to the lintel above, "the spirit" also bears the fruit of peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control.   With two men kneeling near my junk, I'd need a lot of self-control indeed.  

One of the most fantastic examples of Art Deco architecture in Tulsa is one of the oddest-- the Boston Avenue Methodist Church (1929).  Rare even by today's standards, the congregation chose a woman and novice to help design the building and its interior, a local high school art teacher named Adah Robinson.  Heavy on symbolism, much of it uncommon to most Christian sanctuaries, Adah doused the building in mauve and pink.  Some of the building's chapels (poorly captured by my shitty camera phone) feel more at place in a David Lynch movie than a church.  Its takes a lot to "wow" me these days, but the Boston Avenue Church packed a heavy punch.  Love?  Joy?  Put "wow" in your spirit sack and smoke it.  


  1. and he filled their cups with the nectar of life aka semen! lmao beautiful building none the less!

  2. It looks like a perfect setting for a Matthew Barney film.

  3. This church reminds me of a pagan temple I saw in an old movie about Atlantis. Do you think this might be a pagan cult masquerading as a Methodist? My American grandparents were Methodists and the most ornate thing in the church was the gold embossing on the hymnals. Not as plain as the Baptists down the highway but pretty damn close.