Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Have you ever wanted one-on-one time with yours truly?  A chance to talk cock non-stop with a seasoned porn veteran?  Wait no further!  Cancel your flight to Baltimore. . . Your opportunity has arrived!

Observe me read poetry. . . or command me to do naughty things with my butthole.

You choose.  I produce (provided I have the tools).  Get Creative.  Get Kinky.  Get Colby.

Watch me LIVE, tonight at 10PM Eastern Standard Time (I'll likely be available til 2 or 3 EST) at Randyblue.com/live.  And if thats not enough to entice you, maybe my clever new jingle will inspire you:


  1. I will be getting edu-ma-cated in class tonight, so will miss it. :(

  2. i gotta work overnight gosh darn it! hope you have a great cam/chat/wank and thanks for the jingle it's beautiful! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  3. Took the plunge and bought a temporary membership just to get the opportunity for live chat....disappointed...only got to interact/chat for about three minutes before Randy Blue sent you off for "private chat"...a ploy to get unwitting customers to spend more money (not that you're not worth it, CK). But in this rough economy, who can afford $.12 cents a minute to be a "voyeur"? Disappointed. Do you ever consider doing live chat (sans video) on BSD?

  4. Sorry Bostonartist. This is how I make money. :-(

  5. No sweat, CK. Die-hard fan here regardless. Keep doing what you're doing.