Thursday, November 3, 2011


Funny man Andy Ross has a lot to say about email spam, and in particular, the type of spam addressed in the 2003 CAN-SPAM legislation having to do with adult sexual themes. But rather than more condemnation, Andy just has a little advice:

"A quick note to email spammers:

How can every college fuck fest be the ultimate college fuck fest? The ultimate? Are you sure that’s the word you’re looking for? C’mon, spam email, they can’t all be the ultimate college fuck fest.

Sure, one of them is indeed the ultimate college fuck fest. I admit it’s out there somewhere. But, technically, the next one down the line would be the penultimate college fuck fest. You see? Penultimate means the thing just below ultimate. There’s only one ultimate college fuck fest. That’s why it’s called the ultimate one...." To Read More, check out Andy's hilarious blog.

If you get a chance to catch him at a show in NYC, you won't be disappointed.

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