Monday, December 12, 2011


What more can you ask from The Devil's Double, newly released on DVD: not one but two versions of British actor, "Stud with Scruff" and "Colby Crush" Dominic Cooper.  I missed the movie when it hit theaters earlier this year, but thanks to Netflix, a stream of doppelganger nightmares doubling as wet dreams filled my sleep.

Cooper plays the murderous, deranged son of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Uday, and Uday's doppelganger body-double Latif Yahia.  The story, largely based on Letif's autobiographical novel of the same name, tells the tale of Latif's forced enslavement by Uday, his eventual escape (after years and much plastic surgery spent impersonating the villain), his return to Iraq and nearly successful assassination attempt on his former employer.  Granted, you have to watch Cooper (as Uday) electrocute prisoners, rape and murder young children and violate at least one bride on her wedding day, but you also get treated to Uday's perky ass in swim trunks (and one scene of Letif in the shower, without).  Don't get too excited, Cooper currently calls Big Love star Amanda Seyfried his significant other.  Let's hope Seyfried's breakout success Mean Girls gave her enough skills with a cattle prod to keep the inner Uday in Cooper at bay.  I've seen what the man can do with a wedding gown. 


  1. Sullivan Stapleton. Enough said.

  2. Sullivan Stapleton, I concur! I'll have to share a husband with the Anonymous upstairs. :P

  3. Amazing movie with amazing performances portraying one of the most vile and disgusting human beings ever to exist.

    Your pal in Chicago,