Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I found the ultimate "Colby Ride" this Sunday afternoon at the Hampden Christmas parade in Baltimore: a giant cross on wheels with the baby Jesus comfortably riding shotgun.   Who knew you could squeeze birth, death and 2,000 years of history onto a single parade float?  

More highlights include two different Star Wars role playing clubs, a troupe of charitable furries and performance artist Suzanne Muldowney, not to mention all of the high-stepping high school marching bands and Shriners on motorized magic carpets. 

Baltimore's mascot the raven,  based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name.
 Santa's sleigh as monster truck

 Star Wars role playing troupe.  

 The "Toppers" 

Help protect the bay with Captain Seaweed

 Leather daddy mummer 

 "Volunteer Mascots", charitable furries

 Maryland Masons

 Maryland Mason mullet hats

Maryland Mason pyramid hats. . . 

 Boumi Shriner magic carpet ride. . .

 snow-globe Xmas beehive
Performance artist and Howard Stern celebrity Suzanne Muldowney as Underdog

More Suzanne. . . 

Every good parade ends with a giant wiener. 


  1. Dang, I missed the parade , and I was in Baltimore this weekend :(

  2. OMIGOD! Underdog Lady! Wish the crowd had been larger...

  3. Santa's sleigh as monster truck? How do think he carries all those presents! He drives the Gravedigger on Halloween.

    The guys with the hats are the Knights Templar. They've sworn their swords to Christianity. The Shriners flush the terrorists, and the Templars apprehend them. ;-)

    You know it's an official parade when Oscar shows his wiener in public! :-0