Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The perennial practice of commemorating the bedazzled holiday sweater has reached a fever pitch.  A sweater party somewhere in Los Angeles immortalized yours truly this past weekend.  The sweater creator, BSD reader Marcus, even won a prize: the Adele CD pictured with his award winning ensemble above.

A more appropriate gift may have been an album from a diva of a different sort: Queen of ironic sweater consumption, performance artist and musician (and "friend of Colby") Leslie Hall.  I first encountered Hall waaaay back in the Myspace days.  Her MySpace gif is an icon of early-2000zies pre-recession irony.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend you click on the previous link.  Though I never had the honor to experience her mobile gem sweater museum, I quickly fell in love with Leslie Hall's ample electro-trash oeuvre.  

Flash forward two years: November 2006.  BSD correspondent Karl Marxxx was busy preparing for TAINT, his queer dance party in Washington, DC.  Before Leslie Hall became too big for her britches, Marxxx managed to book her for a Thanksgiving day performance.  We slaved for two days on turkey and stuffing to please our minor celebrity guest.  She never broke character.  Prompted on her musical influences (admittedly a poor question on my part), she didn't hesitate, "mostly adult contermporary, a little Shania. . . a little Hootie . . ."

We all threw on our gem sweaters and headed to the venue.

In need of volunteers, Leslie grabbed me and a friend from the audience and brought us on stage.  She slung a thick 2X4 across our shoulders, then disappeared.  A few minutes later, she returned with a makeshift harness.  Pulling the harness over one end of the 2X4, she hooked herself in, twirling in close concentric circles while she sang, suspended from our shoulders, like a DIY Britney Spears.  While I'm certain she wore a fat suit for some numbers, she's no light weight.  I worried the board might crack in half.  Leslie, the 2X4, and my clavicle remained intact.  Thank God for "Gypsy Lizard Coin Purse"!  After the concert, Leslie brought me back on stage to officially anoint my own gem sweater.  While I managed to misplace the certificate that accompanied her ingenious sweater christening ceremony, I'll always have the memories.  And now you will too.

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  1. She is a very wonderful person. I've never met her in character, but I have out of character. She was friends with one of my old friends from Iowa, and even visited her (in character) when my friend was in the hospital several years ago. I'm glad you had such a good experience with her.

    Also, it's damn appropriate that your picture netted the "sexy sweater" prize!