Monday, December 12, 2011


 "Because the walls are paper thin, and His roommates can hear everything."

Autumn and early Winter are the horniest time of the year for most men (our testosterone cycles peak seasonally).  Men with low testosterone levels tend to have the most convincing smiles too (which may help explain my trademark tortured smirk).  Surely, this helps prove the virgin birth of Christ (our testosterone levels hit a trough 9 months before Christmas time, in April).  This may also help to explain the following December double entendres.  Get filled with the holiday spirit.  The bloggers at Happy Place certainly did. 

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 "Yuletide tumescence"

 "He got your letter!"

"Overcompensating elf"

 "Fallen Angel"


  1. The fallen angel is actually St Lucy, probably the only catholic saint celebrated in protestantic Sweden. On december 13 we have festivals celebrating her and the return of light. She's dressed in a crown of candles and she has gnomes in her procession. Most schools (and quite a lot of towns) elects an official St Lucy to take part of the processions. There's even an official St Lucy of Sweden. She gets a journey down to Syracuse on Sicily to meet the citizens of the real Lucy's home town. It's a strange mixture of paganism and christianity, I'd say.

  2. All of them were awesome! I can't wait to hit the suburbs (never thought I'd ever type that) and look for decorations that look like sex.

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  4. I've seen that first one around my neighborhood