Wednesday, December 7, 2011


They often say the secret to great sex resides in the six inch gap between your ears.  The bigger the ears, the better the sex.  Right?  I guess Walt Disney knew it best. 

The iconic silhouette of Mickey Mouse ears on a fit young lad makes me goofy in a good way-- nothing sexier than boy who doesn't take himself too seriously, perfect compliment for a firm set of buns too.  Italian photographer Socrate shares my affection.  His new blog Mouse Trip catalogs his best mouse hat finds and photos, clothed and otherwise.  Contribute your own portrait to Socrate on his blog or send your Disney-themed porn to Colby:  

You may just get a slice of Colby cheese.  ;-)   

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  1. I am in complete agreement about guys who don't take themselves too seriously being sexy.

    Nothing is a faster turnoff than when a guy proves to have no sense of self-deprecation or is all high-n- mighty.

  2. I know this guy!!!

  3. WOW MOUSE TRIP BLOG love it !!!!! Very cool & sexy photos around Italy and Europe.

  4. very nice post! I agree.
    I love this blog : Cool, funny, erotic and full of creative and cute photos. I would love to see a sexy Colby Keller by MouseTrip one day