Saturday, December 17, 2011


Several months back, the good people at Breaking Glass Pictures saw my review of the classic gay film Taxi Zum Klo.  Breaking Glass distributes the film and offered to send me complimentary DVDs from their back-stock.  With a large and impressive library of queer film in the Breaking Glass catalog to choose from, I asked Justin in the press office to send me a few of his favorites.  A week later, I received a package in the mail including the documentary "Uncle Bob" and the erotic drama "Unfaithful" by director Claude Pérès.  Now Breaking Glass would like to extend their generosity to you, my readers.

In the holiday spirit of giving, Breaking Glass Pictures will generously offer a special discount with each purchase.  Simply type in the promotional code COLBY (all caps) at checkout and receive a whopping 30% discount!  They also have a large selection of horror films, zombie flicks and conventional documentaries.  The perfect stocking stuffer (or Hanukkah gift) for the lil' Colby in your life.


  1. Since you bring up non-porny film, when are we going to see you cross into that? You might not be a mainstream, Hollywood type yet (hopefully never) but there are a lot of us expecting to see you go beyond porn as an actor.

    Also, will we ever see your efforts behind the camera? I'd love to see what a Colby Keller directed film is like, porno or not.

  2. hmmmmm beyond porn, well i see nothing wrong, shameful, or even "let down: by being a porn actor, i admire those brave enough to share their most intimate moments with is certainly nice when it "cums" in a package as lovely as you. if you want to do other things then good luck but either way just make yourself happy and ignore others expectations!