Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Finally! The tyrrany of .edu, .org and .com has finally come to an end. But .xxx? A new slew of URL domain names has hit the market place. Thank you capitalism. Some, however, question the motives behind a recent attempt to corral adult content under the new domain ending .xxx.

One developer, however, has purchased in hopes that some pornographer will use the site to develop adult content. Google Searches for the church would then turn up more than just anti-gay messages of hate. Brilliant idea. I'd certainly kill to sit on the creative team. Imagine all the fun set you could design and scripts you could write!

Still though. . .xxx? Could no one think of .cum!?!?!?!


  1. you could corner the market on .cum sites!!! hahahah. colby.cum, keller.cum etc....

  2. Well, they're arrogant stupid idiotic poop brained jerks. (I know I insult like a child ;p)Of course they're not going to have any skill in coming up with dirty names for things. haha.