Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've decided to add another medium to my media empire: COLBY RADIO!!!  

Just kidding, but I was invited by the lovely guys at Swish Edition to sit down on New Year's Eve for their weekly podcast and talk all things porn, art, spanking  Dale and Scott, featured below with yours truly and Karl Marxxx, are lovely guys and you should listen to their podcast...right after you finish reading Big Shoe Diaries.  Listen to the podcast on iTunes here or click on the embedded version below.

It was kind of awesome sitting in a sound studio with fancy microphones wearing headphones and recording "Hi this is Colby Keller and you're listening to the Swish Edition."  And they even tried to get me to take my pants off, making it just like I imagine a Howard Stern show for gay people would be.

And because I've never been on the radio before, I had to make a shout out to Dar Williams and a song that still speaks to a lot of us out here in the lonely drifting universe, looking for a voice (or three or four) that speaks our language.  The guys at Swish Edition are doing just that, so check them out.

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  1. It's very nice, but kinda reminds me about the big fun happy life just a few miles down the parkway that I'm too old, unappealing, married and suburban to be a part of.