Thursday, January 12, 2012


Mirrors are funny things.  We like to imagine they project a certain unimpeachable reality (molecule for molecule, an instantly embodied visual copy), yet mirrors also have the potential to shatter our perceptual fidelities.  Fun house mirrors, for instance, can make a fat man skinny and a skinny man fat.  Artist Bohyun Yoon's work explores the crisp lines of disjuncture separating a body from its reflection.  After his mandatory stint in the South Korean army, Yoon attended the Rhode Island School of Art and Design in Providence.  Anyone interested in sexuality and gender, or simply excited by a moving naked body should appreciate Yoon's simple, elegant work.  For more, click HERE.  "Contour" from 2004 is a particular favorite.

Thanks to BSD reader Gustavo for drawing my attention to Yoon's work.

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