Monday, January 2, 2012


As evidenced by the previous post in which Jiz gives Colby an abortion, we here at Big Shoe Diaries had the opportunity to hang out with the one and only Jiz (who also goes by Sienna D'Enema) in Jiz's native Baltimore. Colby and I met up with Jiz at the Drinkery and asked him a few questions about his craft before we got drunk, Balmer-style.

BSD: So, Sienna/Jiz, what inspired you to do dirty voice overs?
JIZ: I've been making things dirty since I was a kid. I remember making every Madonna song I listened to dirty. "Open your Heart" was "Open your legs." I also did it with Disney songs as well. My first video on Youtube is a dirty cover of the Little Mermaid's "Part of Your World". I wrote those lyrics when I was 14.

BSD: What's your favorite Sienna D'Enema video you've made so far?
JIZ: It's hard to say. I usually hate the video by the time I finish it. I think The Abortion Episode seems flow together nicely. Don't you?

BSD: If you were given the chance to pitch a show to a gay content channel like Logo TV, what would you pitch?
JIZ: I would love to do something animated and original. I would want it to be an animated sketch show with re-occuring characters. Something like Wonder Showzen from MTV2. I could go into more details, but that's about as much as I'm going to say. I dont' want to give away any of my best ideas, now do I?

BSD: What kind of porn do you like to watch?
My day job is in the porn industry. So I try to watch all different types just to get an idea of what's out there, or if there's some new position someone thought of. Once you start working behind the scenes in porn, it becomes very difficult to watch porn for your own personal pleasure.

BSD: Favorite porn star of all time and why?
Colby Keller, of course! (I have a black belt in kissing ass)

BSD: Is the Jiz voice your real voice?
No. It's actually quite hard to do for a long period of time without coughing.

BSD: Do you ever SEE PENIS in things?
Yes. My world is one big giant bowl of cocks.

BSD: What was your favorite thing about 2011?
Hmm. I have no attention span. I can't possibly remember back a year and decide on a favorite. I just bought a neon blue hoodie a couple of days ago that's pretty cool. I'll just go with that.

BSD: What do you hope for in 2012?
I have so many projects going on right now. I hope to get as many completed as possible. I definitely want to get more videos out there. And I want to get a bigger audience. Oh, and I also want to take over the world with Colby Keller. He can be my naked Court Jester.

BSD: Those would be some pretty big jester shoes!

Now that you know Sienna a little more intimately, check out her videos:

Sienna D'Enema takes a stab at the porn stars from one of Colby's employers, Randy Blue.


The famous Abortion Episode, which inspired Jiz's Colby Abortion.

One of Sienna's earliest projects - voice overs of the Golden Girls.


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