Saturday, January 14, 2012


If you don't recognize the face, you may recognize the artist (though both are one in the same).  Andrés Senra has appeared on the blog before.  His current project involves the magic of photoshop, bareback tranny porn, and quotes from famous male thinkers: Thomas Hobbes, Max Weber, Robert Malthus and Proudhon in this case.  My high school Spanish is a little rusty so I'll save you my shoddy translations.  Anyone care to assist?

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  1. I'm a bit tired to do them all and it's tricky language, but the first text says more or less something like this:

    Before the terms fair or unfair can be considered, a coercive power that makes all men equally follow their agreements must exist, for fear of a punishment stronger than the profit they could expect to obtain by breaking such agreements; and to effectively confirm the property that men acquire in their mutual contracts, as a reward for the universal right they have agreed to lose. A coercive power such as this did not exist before the erection of the State. (...) Thus, where there is no State, nothing is unfair. The nature of justice consists in following agreements that are considered valid; but their own validity begins with the establishment of a civil power, one capable of forcing men to obey; and this is also when property begins.
    Thomas Hobbes