Friday, January 27, 2012


Vanna White, recently exposed by co-worker Pat Sajack for getting boozey at work all those years on Wheel.... Of...... Fortune...... sat down with Karl Marxxx of Big Shoe Diaries to talk all things love, game show, and Pat Sajack. Here's what she had to say....oh...and we think it was Vanna...we were all a little tipsy.

BSD: Vanna what is your favorite letter to turn?
Definitely R. When there are lots of r s in one turn, I just go rrrrrrrrr and roll my tongue secretly behind my pearly whites while I clap and turn the letters

BSD: And what about your least favorite letter?
U is my least favorite. For one it s a vowel...ugh so low rent. It's also used to spell two of my least favorite words:ugly and unless.

BSD: Do you prefer turning consonants or vowels?
Buying vowels is so weak. For one, you barely leave any chance to the board to hit the bankrupt turn(which is my favorite moment in any game) and it just feels so desperate and cheap. Consonants are champion turns.

BSD: What about your job is hard that might look easy to he untrained eye?
The banter between me and Sajack. It may look canned but it's pretty intense improvisation up there.

BSD: What do you admire about Pat Sajack?
He has a great laugh and I love when he does the opening spin...sooooo masculine.

BSD: Have you ever wanted to switch roles with him?
Oh no, I have always been quite happy to turn letters. Plus could you imagine what the camera might see if I leaned over the wheel to crank it real hard?

BSD: In the mad for tv movie about your life....
Hands down Rachel McAdams

BSD: Can you give me a detailed account of what you eat every day?
Well there are days I don't eat anything so well just leave it at that.

BSD: Do you feel obligated to hang out with Pat Sajak and his sure to be boring wife?
She's not so bad, but she does embarrassingly order Merlot every where we go. Goodness.

BSD: Do you believe in love and do you have any dating secrets?
I don't think love requires faith or mystery. I think love is about being there, no matter what, like the letter s. Dating a game show with whoever you re sweet on...if you enjoy that together now, you ll make it through the long haul.

BSD: Do you believe in having sex with someone up front or do you believe in holding off for a while?
It depends on how old you are. If you re young and innocent, you should dive in, if you re older and more experienced you should curate your experiences a tad more.

BSD: Any funny stories to share from the show?
There was the time the letters were locked and wouldnt turn....

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  1. Love the little rant on how cheap and desperate vowels are. Soooo cunty! Hilarious.