Friday, February 17, 2012


What is the world coming to? I learned from The Rules of Attraction(or was it Queer Theory 101) that gay men get bashed because they desire straight men who can't sober up who desire lesbians who love writing letters who desire straight women who always end up getting screwed. The gaze goes like this gay men - straight men - lesbian women - straight women (and everyone else gets left on the sidelines).

The folks at know about this pattern too, which is probably why they were surprised to notice that a relatively mainstream website like Salon(if mainstream for you is liberal-leaning investigative news, smart op-eds and culture pieces site) would cover a nerdy gay porn star's blog and his readers' crowd-sourced I SEE PENIS submissions before a big gay media outlet jumped on the proverbial phallus.

The amazingly-named Alex Taylor Williams and his editor, Adam Rathe (who was an editor at NY Press when they had me head over to a Jeff Koons exhibit with one of their writers for an art column) coined some pretty awesome phrases for their blog piece and now I'm jealous (and grateful) that I didn't come up with them first.

Here's a section, but the rest is on's blog Popnography (just one R away from my own profession):

Salon profiles gay porn star and smartypants(less) blogger Keller

Sometimes gay porn is a lot to handle. The raunch and the fantasy that we crave often clashes with our own realities. However, as gay culture slowly, uh, inches toward the mainstream, the porn industry is becoming very different from the one we grew up with.

His blog, Big Shoe Diaries, is notable for being stimulating for your brain (in addition to, well, you know) and is deservedly getting some attention, thanks not only to the sexy photos but to smart writing and features like "I See Penis," which tracks phallic shapes in the world.

Look look!  There I am next to Michael Ian Black telling everyone he'll have sex with anyone in exchange for the right drugs and Fran Drescher demanding that you get gay-married!

And in other former Sean Cody porn star "where-are-they-now" breaking news from, some of us are also capable of murder. "Cum face" and mug shot aren't that far off are they?


  1. Are there other SeanCody murders?

  2. I always thought what's-his-name was hot, too, which is, like, so incredibly messed up of me. When I first heard he'd been charged, I remembered a video where he's introduced to the guy he'll be fucking, and he says to the camera: "Oh, I'm not nervous." Then he turns to the scene partner and says, "You should be, though." Pretty chilling. Makes great theater, though.

  3. Colby,

    So happy you are receiving the recognition you so richly deserve!

    Your variety of interests and depth of knowledge are such a delight to find in a man so HOT!

    Please, tell me you aren't just a dream!

    Your best fan in KC

  4. Love from Berlin! You´re a cool dude!

  5. The path to homophobia (and misogyny) is shorter than that. Gay man directs gaze at straight man. Straight man, accustomed to directing gaze at women, makes illogical conclusion that gay man has put straight man into role of woman. Straight man, unable to cope with being feminized (so to speak), bashes gay man.

  6. Um, tell me that's a joke. If not, that's the dude that used to DJ at a gay club here in Chicago. He was always fun and played great music, which he got into as well. I hope it's a different person...