Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's sad but true. Zalman King lost his battle with cancer last week, and with him a little part of Big Shoe Diaries dies--the name part. Big Shoe Diaries is of course a special Colby-ism of the famous erotic series King was best known for, in addition of course to his direction of the beautifully erotic Wild Orchid. The series was The Red Shoe Diaries and ran on Cinemax (also known as Skinemax on late weekend nights to many a randy 13 year old boy living before the days of internet porn). Narrated by a Colby favorite, David Duchovny, the Red Shoe Diaries was a celebration of the anonymous and the erotic of urban space in the emotionally detached 90s.

We will remember you fondly, Mr. King. Thank you for engaging our minds while we engaged our boners.


  1. Though I'm sad to hear that Mr. King has passed, something else personally more profound surfaced when I read this post. I think it was the relief in knowing that I was not the only 13 year old watching "Skinemax" and particularly "Red Shoe Diaries" hoping that the camera would pan the front of the sexy guys in the scenes.

  2. I recall the fist time I saw 'Friends' and immediately recognized Matt LeBlanc from an episode of RSD. I believe he played a randy bike messenger with a package to deliver!