Saturday, February 11, 2012


On my recent trip to Providence, I made sure to stop off at the local cemetery.  What could be more fun in the dead of winter than a brisk walk over hundreds of long-gone Rhode Islanders (It wasn't my idea).  Misanthropic desperation building, I took to my knees in prayer to summon Cthulhu, the aquatic monster who rises from the depths to ravage mankind in H.P. Lovecraft's classic short story.  It turns out H.P. was right in front of me all along (or, rather, beneath me).

Celebrity aside, other fun corpses of note kept me quick on my toes, including a few with odd shaped headstones, one very swish "Leonard", cleverly camped out in an emphatic pink quartz cenotaph, and a few others.  Given some of their surnames, I felt in good company.  Porn stars have to die too right? 

Cthulhu didn't pick up, but maybe with the collective help of my new found friends. . . :

The corpse formally known as Leonard.

Circles and stones may break my bones. . . 

. . . and cubes. . . 

A House is not a Home  (PLEASE click on this link!)

That's "Goco", not Coco!

If only her last name were Summer it would be perfect.  


  1. So cool! I'm a HUGE fan of H.P. Lovecraft!

  2. No, Colby, porn stars are immortal, just ask John Holms.. he is still with us in so many ways!!

  3. YESSSS. Lovecraft is immortal. His stories are magical and his personal life was just a little hilarious.

  4. I have spent many an afternoon wandering or biking Swan Point cemetery - that little house takes the award for Cutest Gravestone Evah. Wish I had been there that day to meet you in person. Yours, RI Girl.

  5. What a delight to come across your blog (via the interview - wonderful!)...
    random observations: Increase seems to have been a fairly common name among early religious families, and assigned, it seems, to boys. And coincidentally perhaps, Sumner Increase Kimball (who just may have been inspiration for the name of your Increase Sumner, who was born some 33 years later) founded the United States LifeSaving Service, a predecessor to the US Coast Guard.
    Keep it up!