Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One . . . Two . . . Three . . . 29!  I love freebies, especially when they consist of that most precious thing of all: time.  Thanks to Pope Gregory XIII, we can all count on 24 extra hours of life this 2012.  I personally will spend my holiday making small leaps, skipping in a circle.  What about you?

Start off the festivities right, with this randomly slapped together mix of "time"less songs.  For every extra hour of the day, you get one song.  If you listen to the WHOLE thing, you may just get 24 centimeters.  ;-)  For those of you who can handle the math, it's true.  I grow an extra inch every Leap Day. 

1. "Waste of Time", by YACHT

2. "5 Years Time", by Noah and the Whale

3. "Better Times", by Beach House

4. "Time of the Season", by the Sweptaways

5. "Time That Bald Sexton", by The Danielson Familie

6. "Hit Me Baby One More Time", by a random assortment of Russian babushkas

7. "Every Time I Feel the Spirit", by Diana Ross & The Supremes

8. "Vowels = Space and Time", by Grimes

9. "It Takes Time to Be a Man", by The Rapture

10. "First Timer", by Elliot Smith

11.  "Train Time", by Forrest City Joe

12.  "In My Own Time", by Karen Dalton

13.  "We're Going to Live for a Very Long Time", by Heaven 17

14.  "The Time I've Had", by The Broadside Singers

15.  "Time to Pretend", by MGMT

16.  "Time After Time", by We Have Band

17.  "The Times They Are A-Changin', by Nina Simone

18.  "Run On For A Long Time", by The Blind Boys of Alabama

19.  "No Time", by The Juan MacLean

20.  "A Clock Without a C", by Barry Louis Polisar

21.  "Time of No Reply", by Nick Drake

22.  "Time After Time", by Chantal Chamberland

23.  "Rap O'Clock", by Plastic Little 

24.  "Long Time Gone", by Bachelorette


  1. "Time of the Season"....what a great song..."who's your daddy, who's youre daddy is he he rich like me..." ANOTHER great post Colby..I dont tell you this enough but your blog do you do dinner with "Colby-fans" should they find themselves in the Big B ?

  2. You do realize you're going counter-clockwise, right?

  3. going to see grimes in austin tonight

  4. I guess not ;-(

  5. Too bad you didn't include this masterpiece by The Books: ;)

  6. Colby,

    By running counterclockwise will you reverse the aging process?

  7. We know you have stamina Colby, but the video editing has to be more seamless (the looping sticks out like a sore penis). This is like the same cum shot filmed from different angles, yet shown again and again, as if ejaculations were like hiccuping.
    Otherwise, you're an Olympian.