Saturday, February 25, 2012


While it looks like Mit Romney's chances of winning the presidency get slimmer every day, he's not dead yet.  When he finally does shuffle off his mortal coil, he better watch out.  A new website has a simple app that allows users to turn any dead Mormon gay for eternity.  The site riffs off the practice of "baptism for the dead", a Mormon sacrament that allows living church members to baptize the deceased.  The church notoriously incurred public condemnation for the practice after baptizing Jewish victims of the Holocaust, including famous "Diary" author Anne Frank

If you'd like to help the formerly living enjoy the posthumous pleasures of same-sex lovin' simply pick your favorite dead Mormon or click a random genealogy generator to do the trick for you.  Turn bones into boners HERE



  1. Yesterday I sent 15 dead Mormans to be gay for all eternity. How much fun was that!

  2. Using the random selector I got one of the Romneys. Boy, was that a thrill!

  3. There are so many gorgeous living Mormons that I wish were gay. I'm reminded of the young man who approached me with "Sir, would you jump me?" at the parking lot of Deseret Industries in Idaho Falls. I was disappointed to learn that he was seeking assistance with a dead battery. I was pleased to "jump him" in the way he had in mind.

    As a rule, I do not approve of disrespect for a person's religion but this practice invites just this sort of ridicule.

  4. Ever heard about the "sex through a sheet" thing?

    Guess we have the despicable prop H8er Mormons to thank for inventing the Glory Hole.