Monday, February 13, 2012


"Friend of Colby" Justin has a long list of projects and talents to recommend him, including "Obscene Interiors" an online catalog of amateur porn interior-design faux pas, a recent appearance on the Norwegian reality show Alt for Norge, a comfy couch I've had the pleasure to know on more than one extended LA layover, and-- according to reliable sources-- what amounts to quite an impressive todger.  Like all poor creative types, it's hard to make your dreams come true without a little help from your friends (and your friend's friends).  For all its democratic potential, art, like politics, takes money.

In addition to designing a series of impressive (and time-intensive) paintings, Justin is in the final stages of completing a new zine, COP DAD.  Zines don't print themselves and Justin needs help securing the funds to pay for a small run.  Put down that box of cheap chocolates.  This Valentine's Day, give the gift of art (and fine writing). . . to your partner and the world!  Need more convincing?  Check out the video below.  And after you do, click on Cop Dad's Kickstart page.  23 days to go and 1/3 the way there. . .



  1. Anent "Obscene Interiors," have you visited ("Horrifying Gay Amateur Interiors")?

    1. That was a rip off of Obscene Interiors.
      Obscene Interiors went online in 1999, before becoming a book in 2004.